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Pass ShaderMaterial to a Custom PostProcess


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I'm trying to provide a way online for shader coders to test their shaders on scenes from a game I'm working on.

Naturally CYOS will be used:



1) I'm creating a ShaderMaterial that uses data stored in ShadersStore, like in here:


Is it possible to pass a ShaderMaterial to a custom PostProcess instead of a url?



2) My final goal is to create an underwater shader (water breaking light, bubbles, etc) in which the game's models are submerged - is PostProcess the right way to go?


3) Can CYOS be used to test a full screen post process?

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Deltakosh - Regarding your first point -

a. How do I pass both vertex and fragment shaders as a single URL? Does that URL point to a directory containing both shaders? If so, can blob still help?

b. Do I need to translate the string into a Buffer somehow?


NasimiAsl - It'd be great if you could pull this off :)

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