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The Babylon.js and the touchstart/move/end events problems


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I am not good at english, very sorry about that.

Use the pc chrome emulated any touch devices open: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#0ZQ985#9

Runtime Environment:

  • Highly customized environment of the phone app.
  • Only touchstart/move/end events.
  • No PointerEvent object.


So, I did:

  • Create the custom PointerEvent object.
  • Create and use the ArcRotateCameraTouchInput object(use the scene.simulatePointerDown/Move/Up methods).
  • Let the _onPointerDown/_onPointerMove/_onPointerUp of the Babylon.Scene properties listen to the canvas touchstart/move/end events.

Already successful:

  • Rotate the camera
  • Interact with OnPickUpTrigger of the blue sphere.
  • Interact with mesh ui button. 


  • Touch any position alway trigger the full screen ui button event.
  • The Panning/Pinch control of the camera.
  • Cannot trigger the OnPickTrigger event of the red sphere.
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14 hours ago, Deltakosh said:

Hello, can you remind me why you need that?

Why not using jQuery PEP suffice?

Because the runtime env is not a normal html env, that is more like run at the Node.Js.

The runtime env just exposed the "game.js" file entry and GameGlobal/wx/canvas three global objects to the developer, no window/document objects, no Html DOM system.

And it bind a touch events like that(need to fake a event system to trigger the canvas listened events):


I think the touch event cycle is : When touch, the Android/iOS native app will trigger the wx object touch series events.

My friend make a module  to fake the window/document objects and Babylon.js runs successfully (just has simulate the touchstart/touchmove/touchend events, no simulate the pointer series events)

I tried the jQuery pep not work, I think the jQuery pep module just can work on the normal html env.

So I want to keep to use the touch events, and just solved the three problems then It's perfect.

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