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Frame rate drop on moving closer to a mesh in VR


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We have a scene with around ~100 meshes (ranging from simple planes/cubes to ones with ~10,000 tris). The scene renders quite well in VR.
However, when we move closer to a mesh, the frame rate drops. This effect can be reproduced on a simple scene like this one: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#p5nkvt (moving very close to any of the spheres causes the frame drop). We're using the default VR experience and the engine configuration is the same as the one in the playground.

Is this a known effect? If yes, it would be great to know the possible cause and fix.

Our system configuration is as follows:

  • Headset: Dell Vysor
  • OS: Windows 10 RS 3
  • System: GTX 1080/GTX 1060, 16 GB RAM
  • Browser: Microsoft Edge
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