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Merge some merged meshes


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Hi everyone hope you doing great  ! 

I'm doing a project where I want to create complex objects from more simple or "atomic" ones. For example, I create a vertical rectangle and a horizontal rectangle, I merge them and I have a "L" shape. But when I try to merge my "L" shape with another rectangle to make a "U" for example it doesn't work :/

My question is : is there any way to do what I want to do or am I stuck with only one level of merging ? 

Thanks a lot for your time

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Oh, so the error isn't linked with the merge of merged.   This is the error message raised : 

"TypeError: Cannot read property 'copyFrom' of undefined
    at r.i.computeWorldMatrix (babylon.custom.js:8)
    at new r.MergeMeshes (babylon.custom.js:15)" 

Actually I've spent nearly an hour trying to create a playground matching my problem and the result I want to have, but I failed ( the fact is that my code is based on a lot of buttons aiming to create meshes, select them and merge them, and without using GUI I don't think that I can have buttons on the PG ).


I can join a .rar of my files (just a 500 lines js and few lines css and html), I don't know if you can do something with that, if you don't that's np I will find it by myself .


Thanks again for your time


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" TypeError: Cannot read property 'copyFrom' of undefined
    at Mesh.TransformNode.computeWorldMatrix (babylon.max.js:13723)
    at new Mesh.MergeMeshes (babylon.max.js:26038)" 

it happens when I try to do another merge, the first one is always a success but then it fails. It may come from my way of handling selected meshes ( which is possibly bad)

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