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Horse Race 2 - Grouping example


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Simple example of spritesheets and grouping

Having got one horse sprite running (see my previous post), now I want 5 horses with different colors running across the screen. Press the right cursor arrow to get them going.

I had 5 spritesheets for 5 different color horses. I had to create 5 sets of animations to get these working. This was a simple copy and paste job, but I'm wondering if there is a more code efficient way to do this. If anyone has any suggestions I'd love to read them. But this got the job done.








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Hi, good idea, will check that out. But that would only work in cases where the sheets are identical other than colour. I guess the main thing i'm looking at here is using different spritesheets within a group. It would be nice if you could specify the animations and the sprite sheet independent of each other. so you don't have to create 5 sets of animations...

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