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Tutorial slow performance using Codepen.io


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I'm trying to run this example on Codepen.io:




I pasted into Codepen (copied the assets to imgur to avoid CORS issues)




Same thing happens on jsfiddle




I am running on Chrome and Firefox (windows) and these run very slowly.  


It would be super helpful to have this run in a JS playground tool like this, it's so much easier to learn.


Any ideas on what might be causing this?


- Doug

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Ah yes the tutorial code was written for 1.1.3. Under 1.1.4 the gravity values are so tiny it makes it seem like he's swimming through tar. Swap gravity for something like 200 and it runs faster, although for some reason the stars don't collide with the platforms. You could use the 1.1.3 release instead for now? There are quite a few issues re: physics in 1.1.4 that we've not ironed out yet I'm afraid.

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