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Best way to handle event


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Hey there guys! 

I working on chess game with Phaser 3. And so far everything is amazing. Right now I'm working on event handlers for the pieces(figures). Take a look:


 for(let i = 0; i < this.pieces.length; i++) {
    this.pieces[i].on('clicked', ()=>{ 
                     console.log('Piece clicked'));
                     }, this);

This is taken from the example HERE

So my problem is this fragrament of the code:

  this.input.on('gameobjectup', function (pointer, gameObject)
              gameObject.emit('clicked', gameObject);
            }, this);

Can someone explain the whole structure? Or maybe suggest cleaner way to do it?

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The structure looks fine.  It is a listener you are assigning for when the input event handler gets and event of "gameobjectup" to execute a callback anonymous function you have set up.

You could destructure your callback into a named function instead if you'd like to destructure the event itself from the callback.  Here is an example of working code for your specific example that makes a named function that can be referenced later, see destroyBox function below:


const destroyBox = gameObject => gameObject.emit('clicked', gameObject);
this.input.on('gameobjectdown', (pointer, gameObject)=> destroyBox(gameObject));


I understand javascript (especially ES6 stuff) quite extensively.  Where I have difficulties is interacting with the new phaser 3 api as the documentation is pretty sparse (the examples are great dont get me wrong, but there is no real handy API reference I've found yet).

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