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Camera zoom on Tilemap in 2.6.2 and CE


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I'm trying to zoom camera (change its scale) while focused on a player on a tilemap.

        const speed = 0.01;
        if (this.cursors.up.isDown) {
            this.game.camera.scale.add(speed,  speed);
        else if (this.cursors.down.isDown) {
            this.game.camera.scale.add(-speed,  -speed);

This is how I create the map:

        this.map16 = this.game.add.tilemap("tilemap16");
        this.map16.addTilesetImage("xrpg_tileset", "tileset16");
        this.wallsLayer = this.map16.createLayer('Walls');


Both player object and the map layers are placed in the World. But it seems that tilemap layer's position is affected by camera's zoom which looks wrong:



To check if something is wrong with the scene I replaced the map with an image and zoom worked correctly:



The behaivor is identical in 2.6.2 and 2.10.3.


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