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Incorrect aspect ratio scaling when using DisplayObjectContainer.scale


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I have begun making my game base from this: http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/1613-cocoonjs-webglrenderer-scaling-question/


I have chosen 576x1024 res based on: http://docs.gameclosure.com/guide/scaling.html


The original bunny demo runs at 800x600.

Here is my app code: https://github.com/DominicTobias/gamestarterjs/blob/master/app/app.js


When the bunny renders on 576x1024 it is stretched and it seems tilted too (becomes obvious when rotate is applied).


However when changing the app to 800x600 the bunny does not looked stretched (though when rotating it does look like it stretches slightly).


I've attached images, does someone have an idea why this is happening? Thanks!

Live demo showing issue: http://dominictobias.com/scalingissue/

(far right is from the 800x600 version)




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Nevermind, my bad - I blindly copied and pasted the code in the forum post link above but it wasn't setting the aspect ratio correctly. Fixed logic:

setupScene: function() {	this.isPortrait = window.innerHeight > window.innerWidth;	this.scene = new PIXI.DisplayObjectContainer();	if (this.isPortrait) {		// Portrait scaling		this.gameWidth = this.settings.appWidth;		this.gameHeight = window.innerHeight * (this.settings.appWidth / window.innerWidth);		this.gameScale = window.innerWidth / this.settings.appWidth;	} else {		// Landscape scaling		this.gameWidth = window.innerWidth * (this.settings.appHeight / window.innerHeight);		this.gameHeight = this.settings.appHeight;		this.gameScale = window.innerHeight / this.settings.appHeight;	}	this.scene.scale = new PIXI.Point(this.gameScale, this.gameScale);},


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