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GUI Question/Bug? Mouse-dragging across GUI buttons


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Hi gang!

I was testing fullscreen ADT .background options, and found an 'oddness'.


When using left-mouse-drag of pointer/camera, pointer goes in-active over red buttons.  Or maybe I should say... pointer gets "commandeered".  :)

(LMB-drag the camera, making pointer cross the red buttons)

Perhaps GUI buttons should NOT check for onMouseOver IF a mouse button is already depressed (drag in-progress).

Seems ESPECIALLY important when ADT is set !isForeground  (set as backgrounded).  But issue is seen in foreground mode, too.  [link]

Really, though, whether ADT isForeground or not, I think nothing should interrupt a drag in-progress.

During a drag, CSS cursor MIGHT be set as "grabbing hand", perhaps dragging a mesh.  We don't want the drag interrupted when crossing ADT controls, right?

Anyway... just checking.  Everything might be fine.  Thx for verification/thoughts.

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Well good luck, and thx for the reply (on a Sunday, even). 

I always use rubber dead-lines... which makes them live-lines, which makes them very flexible. (less stress)

(Wingy hands DK a 100 meter roll of live-line). ?

Good luck with the shipping.  (I wonder where it is shipping-to, and via what carrier)  :)

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