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Mask using container or its pixels?


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Hi Again,

I have been working on something using PIXI for the first time, I have got everything to work as intended with one final piece of puzzle left.

I was playing with masks and was able to use Graphics shapes as masks and sprites as masks but it seems like text can't be used as a mask. (not that important but was wondering if I am doing something wrong for it to not work)

Coming back to my main question, I would like to use entire container as a mask. Is that possible? I tried using container as mask but it doesn't work. Maybe I can use filters to achieve mask using entire container?


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Coming back to my main question, I would like to use entire container as a mask. Is that possible?

Use renderTexture then put it to sprite. If you understand how it works and want clearner coder, use pixi-layers: http://pixijs.io/examples/#/layers/lighting.js . You dont have to use groups, just swap the root for PIXI.display.Stage and put all things to Layer -> that "layer.getRenderTexture()" will get you screen-sized texture to use as a mask. Yes, screen-size means that its better to use it one-three times , otherwise it'll be slow.

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Still just getting started with PIXI so that didn't make sense to me. Plus it seems expensive to process anyway as I will be animating a lot of pixels in container. So I have decided to drop the entire masking idea for now. I will revisit this topic once I go through some of the examples from that page. Thanks.

EDIT: I was able to get it to work, just had to clean up everything and start from scratch. Thanks a lot.

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