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best libs for camera and easing ?


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hi everybody!
What your recomandation libs for a camera system also for a easing library in js.
I need one for pixi.js.

My criteria are performance at the expense of complexity.
What your recommend?
For now i take look on those one, but hard to choose and maybe you have some good suggest.
My project use pure pixi obj on app nwjs, no graphics html or css element.
For now TweenMax hold all my attention!


pixi.js animation library using easing functions

sterling animation engine that delivers excellent performance

TweenLite is an extremely fast, lightweight, and flexible animation tool

A highly configurable viewport/2D camera designed to work with pixi.js.


Iavra Animate Everything (+ Easing Library)
Provides a generic way to animate every float property on every obj based on Robert Penner's easing work

A world container which can be viewed through an accompanying camera.

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2 hours ago, botmaster said:

It's kinda weird to ask a question and answer it one hour later ... I don't use greensock stuff mainly because of his licensing model. Before using greensock stuff I recommend to read carefully and understand very well his licensing. 

yes i ask before, it is true that their license is a little fuzzy.

It's the same licensing model from spine2d or texturepacker, spriteilluminator ... 

You get a life license, but only if you need update you can extend.
Its perfect for me.

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