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Physics issue: Merged and rotated mesh goes through the floor


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In this case, it looks like the merging of the meshes messes with the impostor system. It creates a single shape with the following halfExtents:

x: 0.1
y: 0.30000000596046444
z: 0.5000000029802323


And this does not quite match the L-shape you are trying to achieve. What you want to do instead, is create a compound-shape by using the parent-child system in BJS:



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@Raggar, great!

However parenting system is not comfortable in cases of spawning instances. You'll have to create instance for every child and attach impostor for every child.

Can I fix halfExtents manually after merging meshes? If yes, how I can do this? I can't find such property in Impostor's properties.

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If dropped pistol will act like a box in Physics world this is not a big problem in my simulation.

It should looks like compound shape however the box-like colliding is a compromise that I can accept.

How to do this?

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My solution: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#RAYW6X#3

It's a little bit similar with solution by @Raggar, however less expensive and more universal (I think). Yeah, the main disadvantage is simplifying physics till bounding box, but it can be accepted in my case.

Anyway, it still looks like a hack. I wonder if merging algorithm can be fixed inside Babylon's core.


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