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Texture.fromFrame weird Firefox behavior


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I am trying to build an AnimatedSprite by loading a .json exported from Flash CS6 and using the following code:

var t1frames = [];

 for (var i = 0; i < 120; i++)
            var val = i;
            if (i < 100) val = '0' + i;
            if (i < 10) val = '00' + i;
            t1frames.push(PIXI.Texture.fromFrame('tracker10' + val));

var tracker1 = new PIXI.extras.AnimatedSprite(t1frames);

as you can understand the json frame ids are 'tracker10000' up to 'tracker10119'

The above code works fine in Chrome, Edge, IE11 and Opera, but in Firefox throws 'Error: The frameId "tracker10000" does not exist in the texture cache'

By checking the debugger I found the following:

message : "Error trying to parse loaded json: SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data"  which drives me crazy.

I am attaching the .json here in case someone has any ideas.


Thank you!






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Thanks for replying.

I am running IIS locally in my PC, but I 've found what was wrong. 

Flash saved the json file as UTF8 and Firefox didn't like it. I converted to ANSI and worked like a charm!

I should add a reply here, I am sorry.

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