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Scintillating texture


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Hi SL!  Got some z-fighting happening, eh?  Also some bumpy-terrain protruding thru your white pads.

yuh, yuh, yuh, common problem... caused by your micro-processor.  Try making it stand in the corner for a half-hour.  :D (ahem - comedy attempt)

Let's see... Babylon decals... supposedly they "contour" (create a unique shape)... a mesh/texture combination... which ATTEMPTS-to match the surface that it is placed-upon. 

Thus, we should never re-position an already-created decal, because the underlying bumpy-ness will be different at the new position.  Decals check the bumpy-ness of the surface... when they are created, but cannot be updated to a new/different underlying-surface, later.  (Better to make a new decal for the new location.)



Here is a playground that does some nice decal work... on a bumpy heightMap...


This is a strange "lasso selection tool".  Left mouse button DOWN... drag the mouse in an area to surround some gray boxes, then lift the mouse button.

See how the decals are all angled and stuff... to match the bumpy terrain?  *nod*

I don't know if a terrain can get TOO BUMPY for a decal, but perhaps the resolution/subdivisions of the internally-used decalMesh (used to make the decal) could be increased.

I have turned-on bounding boxes for each decal... with line 152... to make it easier for us to see the decal angles and required "thicknesses".

The REAL mesh used to make the decal... is very precise.  The decal is a very complicated feature, code-wise.  It really works hard... to match the contour/bumps of the surface beneath it... when it is created.

Perhaps decals will help you with your white pads.  Be well.  Stay tuned/report stuff (thx).

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