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Particle system issue

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Hi everyone new poster here. I have a scene that has several particle systems rotating around a sphere. When the scene starts the particle systems leave a smattering of material that I did not intend. My question is how to I fix this? I want the particle systems to behave without this "smatter". The picture show the issue.

Here is the url: http://www.sterlingrunion.com/Planet/Index


The javascript is  /Scripts/planet.js


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Hi SR, welcome to the forum!  Sorry for the slow replies on this.

    window.onload = function () {
        let wdlg = document.getElementById('loader-display');

I am getting error:  event is not defined... on that middle line 137.  FF 52 ESR.

"Smatter".. hehe.  I like that term.  We HAVE seen residual particles happen upon re-runs... at times.

Allow me to ask... are the "smatters" less-likely to happen... on INITIAL loads/unconditional reloads?

It is more-likely to happen on subsequent runs AFTER the initial run?   Thoughts?  (thx)

I don't know what causes it... but smarter people... might. :)

Residual particles after re-runs... yep... we've seen it.  Same weird stuff happens when you un-focus (Alt-Tab) away-from a particle-spraying scene, and then return.  Sort of a PUFF thing happens.  Pent-up particle energy or something.  :D

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9 hours ago, Wingnut said:

FF 52 ESR.

That's Firefox 52 ESR... sort of a Pale Moon half-breed.  hahaha.  Ahem. 

Inside joke... Pale Moon is a serious branch-off from normal Firefox.  Firefox 52 ESR is "extended support release"... which is a limp branch-off from Firefox normal releases.  I think Firefox ESR is pretty popular... especially among those who are rejecting "Quantum".

Thanks for the added details about your issue... well done.  I still have no answers, but others are nearby... stay tuned.

Can you do scene.executeWhenReady(function() { startMyParticleSystems() })  ?  Any improvements?  (thx for checking.  just an idea, probably a bad one.)

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I will have to do some testing on Firefox it seems. I call scene.executeWhenReady(), then create the particle systems and then in scene.registerBeforeRender() the systems call start() by checking a bool flag on an object that holds the info that I need for display.


particleMachine.forEach(function (item) {
                item.ps.emitter = new BABYLON.Vector3(item.distance * Math.sin(item.alpha), theSun.position.y, item.distance * Math.cos(item.alpha));
                item.pe.position = new BABYLON.Vector3(item.distance * Math.sin(item.alpha), theSun.position.y, item.distance * Math.cos(item.alpha));
                item.alpha += .005;
                if (item.started == false) {
                    item.started = true;

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