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[PINNABLE?] Phaser.io - Best Practices


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Hi Phaser.io community!


I will keep this short and simple.


I am new to the phaser.io framework and just finished my first game.

Although it "seems" to be doing fine performance wise, i am still in doubt of my correct/incorrect usage of the framework's functionality.


Since i haven't found any article/documentation/example on best practices and after spending hours upon hours inside the source files i decided to "open source" my concerns/questions.


I am sure there are plenty of burning questions/topics to be discussed. I would love for the community to come together and gather insights and best practices. 


To start things off


What is the best practice for moving a sprite from point(x,y) to point (x1,y2), in regards to performance? 


I am currently using "game.physics.moveToObject()" for my sprite's movements, since it is used in the included example files.

Yesterday i stumbled upon the "tween" functionality. I quickly modified my code in order to make use of it, hoping for a huge performance boost, but somehow no notable changes appeared. Are these functions based on the same internal process for moving/setting x and y positions?


Best Practices Overview


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