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Are particles broken in latest CE? [Done]


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By updating the phaser 2.x version I stumbled upon >all particles are broken<.
this is the extended Phaser.Particles.Arcade.Emitter class:
as line7>> "this.start(false <- should revive a particle at the emitters position after "lifetime". it just doesn't do anything.
All particles are done once, and they do not repeat themselves anymore. Was there a breaking change I did not get?
note: The v2.7.x gravity change is not the case here

constructor (config: any, amount: number = 10) {
		super (config.game, config.x, config.y, amount);
		this.setYSpeed(-20, -200);
		this.setXSpeed(-5, 5);
		this.makeParticles('assets', 52);
		this.start(false, 100, 150, amount); //this should revive particles after lifespan(2), but doesn't

Any thoughts?

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