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How to get the forward velocity vector of a sprite


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how do you get the velocity vector of a sprite?

sprite.body.velocity is phaser point or as a vector, going from the 0,0 to the sprite.

What I need is a velocity vector going from the sprite onward. 

I need then to multiply by -1 and add it to the sprite position to get a point behind it like this image



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Thanks, that helped!

Here's the code that is working for me

var distanceFromTarget = 10;
var targetVelocity; 
var pointBehindTarget = new Phaser.Point();

targetVelocity = new Phaser.Point(target.body.velocity.x, target.body.velocity.y); //make a copy of the velocity vector
targetVelocity.multiply(-1,-1); //invert its direction
targetVelocity.normalize(); //set its length to 1
targetVelocity.multiply(distanceFromTarget,distanceFromTarget); //scale it to the desired length
pointBehindTarget = Phaser.Point.add(target.position,targetVelocity); //create a new point


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