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Loading models in NullEngine


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How does one load a *.obj in NullEngine?

const BABYLON = require('babylonjs')
require('babylonjs-loaders') // mutates something globally
global.XMLHttpRequest = require('xhr2').XMLHttpRequest


BABYLON.SceneLoader.LoadAssetContainer("./", "cubio.obj", scene, function (container) {
    console.log('CONTAINER', container)


           throw new NetworkError("Unsupported protocol " + this._url.protocol);

Do I need to do something to xhr2 to teach it about obj?

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Looks like the answer is that './' and '/' are not valid paths for either babylon or xhr (not sure which). This syntax will work in the client, but not on the server.

I was able to get it working with the full path:

BABYLON.SceneLoader.LoadAssetContainer('http://localhost:8080/', 'cubio.obj', scene, (container) => { //etc...


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