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Building a mask from multiple sprites

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Is it possible? 

For example - I have a sprite I want to add holes to. In this case, it's a blimp. A player can hit the blimp multiple times. Each time the blimp is hit, a hole should be placed in the spot where the hit occurred.  

The base mask sprite:



The hole sprite:



Some psuedo code:

//full blimp mask

this.mask = new PIXI.Sprite(blimpMask);
this.sprite.mask = this.mask;

//inside my hit testing methods
//add a child sprite to the mask sprite

var localPos = this.sprite.toLocal({x: pos.x, y: pos.y})

var hole = new PIXI.Sprite.fromImage('/img/blimp-hit.png');

hole.position.x = localPos.x;
hole.position.y = localPos.y;
hole.scale.x = 0.5;
hole.scale.y = 0.5;
hole.anchor.x = 0.5;
hole.anchor.y = 0.5;


So, if there were two holes added to the mask sprite, they would be added as children of the main mask:




I would expect the composite sprite, when set as a mask, to have holes as outlined above, but the children sprites are never accounted for when the parent sprite is set as a mask.

Is there a definitive way to make a dynamic mask that is comprised of multiple sprites?

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It is not a newbie material.

Use renderTexture to store composite mask before you render the stage.

The trick you are talking about is possible with pure container/layer manipulation, but you need to study the plugin first: ,  use layer "getRenderTexture()" method to get temporary screen-size render texture for your blimp:

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