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Isometric game made with Melon


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oh yeah indeed, GIK seems to be offline... that's a pity, that was really one awesome isometric game :(

As for other, I'm afraid the only one coming to my mind now is our online example, it's quite basic, but at features show multiple layer, map navigation, and a tile selector (so enough to get you started)



I'll come back if anything else comes to my mind !

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not that I know, and I never tried myself to be honest, but it should not be that different from an orthogonal map ? 


Note that you can use the below function to convert coordinates between the two (ortho <> iso) :


found this as well by doing a quick search :


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Thanks for the links, I'll try doing that. I think you are right, if I can figure it out with orthogonal coordinates it should be pretty similar.

Is there a built-in pathfinding function in melon? If not, can you recommend an external script or library to use?

Thanks for your help

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Hi, i'm working on an isometric RPG as a hobby project. For a path finding i used A-Star (https://github.com/bgrins/javascript-astar)

You need to build a simplified model of your game world. Size in tiles. Mark those tiles which are blocked, set start and finish points and you will get the path.

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