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zooming with tilemaps

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Hello again!

I am experiencing something similar to this: 

When a project is first made, the zoom is defaulted I believe to be  value of 1.

If I plan on having zooms be a part of the game I'm making (with tiles), is the best course of action to get rid of this sort of rendering problem by setting the zoom default to be something of a different value such as 10 or some other arbitrary amount?

If I plan on doing this, I have to adjust everything, such as player speeds and other physics related things I already have programmed into my game.

Was wondering if anyone else had a solution to this problem.  I have tried roundpixels and it's not fixing the problem once the zoom factor is scaled to something sub 1 level with my current scheme.

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As far as I can tell this isn't a zoom issue. This sounds like typical tile bleed which is an issue with any game that runs tilemaps. I have run into this and I have found that Tile Extruder fixes the problem perfectly.

It's a little extra work on your end but should do the job. It's entirely possible that tile bleed will get fixed in a future update of Phaser 3 as I don't think it was an issue in Phaser 2.

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Thank you for the resource, but am having issues with understanding how to achieve the above.

Just so I understand, I have to edit each and every tile in the tileset image itself?  Say my tiles are 16x16, do I make the image for each tile 17x17?  Or do I not need to worry about any of this and just run the npm package on my original tilemap image? (my images of tiles are all located on the same file, and aren't really given any extra margins currently).


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