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Hi everyone,


I am currently working on a project that is a lot more planned out than most of my former projects.

During my planning and development, I completed a profile management system which includes simple profile management, scenes, configuration as well as buttons and dialogs.

It is in no way perfect or "the best way" but I put quite some effort into this and wanted to get some input from you.

If anyone deems this code worthy, I would also be glad if they use this template for their own project (or as example how not to use phaser lol).


This is my project repository on github:


The Profile Management Template is inside the "pmt" folder but feel free to browse the other files as well.

My current project where I use this template is in the "rbdc" folder which is also the only project using Phaser 3 instead of 2.

You can check the games and Template here:



For the workflow files you need Pencil to open them.

I found that tool very handy and easy to visualize workflows.


If there are any questions or improvements, feel free to comment in this thread.

I don't know how much updates or if any I will provide to the Template, but for now this should be usable in its current form.


Have fun


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