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Extrude splines


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:rolleyes: thx 4 the praise
Splines are intresting to create tweens (e.g.:moving cam) or build shapes to extrude.Define splines with vectors, nurbs or importing svg or font types (e.g. ttf). With three.js you can define a curve:

spline = new THREE.SplineCurve3([new THREE.Vector3(0, 0, 0),new THREE.Vector3(0, 200, 0),new THREE.Vector3(150, 150, 0),new THREE.Vector3(150, 50, 0),new THREE.Vector3(250, 100, 0),new THREE.Vector3(250, 300, 0)]);

An another clever way are formulas to create splines/meshes:

THREE.Curves = {};THREE.Curves.HeartCurve = THREE.Curve.create(function(s) {    this.scale = (s === undefined) ? 5 : s;},function(t) {    t *= 2 * Math.PI;    var tx = 16 * Math.pow(Math.sin(t), 3);    ty = 13 * Math.cos(t) - 5 * Math.cos(2 * t) - 2 * Math.cos(3 * t) - Math.cos(4 * t), tz = 0;    return new THREE.Vector3(tx, ty, tz).multiplyScalar(this.scale);});

By this method you can do complex things with few lines of code.
You find more infos about splines and extrusion under the following links:



Formular demo on google


Decorative Knot Patterns




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