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Collision problem - Help!


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Hi all!

I am developing a maze-game (with Phaser 2.2, im using older code-parts). I dynamically add walls (which is a BitmapData, all added into a group). The problem is that the ball 'sticks' to vertical walls where overlapping occurs. It seems that the corners of the walls block the ball even though they are on the same x-position! I attached a video where the problem is visible.

It seems to be the same problem as described here

I tried playing around with making the colliding box of the ball a circle with setCircle() ,which does not solve anything. It adds more drag and friction (which I am unable to remove, by the way).

People are mentioning to create a tilemap, yet I prefer a solution where I can place individual blocks dynamically.

Any thoughts? Looking forward to hear from you.

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