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Babylon Scene With Pure Nodejs Canvas


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I once asked about Hml Elements vs Babylon.Gui and someone said something about depends how or what device you run your scene it MAY NOT be able to render html elements JUST the canvas element.

Is there some kind of nodes canvas element you can run a babylon scene as apposed to a traditional browser page model (excluding internal native WebView components which still use a traditional browser page model ) ???

Knowing any other scenarios that you might run a babylon scene would help me build that export functionality right into the toolkit like all the other Kool toolkit stuff :)


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May have been myself that said that about Canvas+, although not sure how popular that is:

Another thing about HTML elements is they don't work in VR, but there are lots of scenarios where it absolutely makes sense for using HTML elements.  "it depends" seems to be how many answers start when it comes to software.

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Yo @brianzinn That Canvas+ Looks very interesting ... I cant find ANYWHERE how to actually use the thing. I need to know EXACTLY how this thing works and what the index.html should look like. It says you cannot use HTML DOM Elements. So how are you supposed to load the the canvas with a a canvas tag.

I cannot find ONE full example project for using Canvas+...

That sucks... Looks very promising... I would love to support... But I cant even figure out how to use the damm thing ...

They should make usage of the Canvas+ more clear from a developer point of view... They whole things is about how easy it is to package the thing... But NO REAL DEVELOPER INFO besides:


document.addEventListener("deviceready", onDeviceReady, false);

function onDeviceReady() {
    // Cocoon Canvas+ code here


Thats probably why not so popular. I dont see how ANY technology that BOOSTS WEBGL would not be at the TOP of every HTML5 WebGL gam developers list.


Mind Blown :(


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Good points and I don't think you need to support Canvas+.  Looks to be not compatible with BabylonJS:

That would match also the 2.1 update by JC Palmer "Allow Engine to run for CocoonJS with standard html":

cocoon/cordoba is HTML5 to Native development - if you are, as I am imagining, working on a Unity exporter then I think only standard web pages would suffice, as Unity already provides Native apps?  Your project is really interesting to follow!

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