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SpriteBatch misbehaves on iOS - doesn't respect translations of parent(s)


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I've been playing with 1.5 and SpriteBatch and using it for particle systems. This is in the context of a side-scrolling-type game, where there is a "root" camera DisplayObjectContainer (DOC) that sets the translation for the POV (inverse of it, actually - when the camera "moves" left, everything visible appears to "move" right etc). the SpriteBatch that holds the particles is a child of the "camera" DOC


everything is working great and performance is quite good (on my laptop I can spawn many tens of thousands of particles before the frame-rates starts to drop; obviously not so much on mobile). 


but I discovered an odd thing. on my iPad mini (1st gen) the particles "stick" with the camera - i.e. they don't move as the camera changes position. this happens in both safari and chrome (but IIRC on iOS they share the javascript engine and maybe more, due to apple's TOS). perhaps it's an issue with the GPU driver. very odd.


this works properly on desktop (linux chrome & firefox) and android (nexus 5 and 7).


I've entered issue #580 on github to track this - cheers

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