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A little game making inspiration


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Hi guys

@8bitdna and I were talking about productivity yesterday, and I thought this would be a cool link to post as a bit of inspiration.

According to the author, each of these games was made in around 3-4 days. I think these games are a brilliant example of how even 'programmers', can produce awesome and clean looking games, without the need for elaborate art.

For being so simplistic, these mini games are also super playable. I am definitely going to try and take a page from this guys book, and see what I can do :)

PS. All these game would be SUPER simple to make with Panda 2!

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These are fantastic, thanks again!  The first little game I'm working on is just two circles mainly.  I'm also terrible at doing any art, but as these games show its not always needed.  Just like you @Ninjadoodle my aim is to just make something, anything for the moment is what I'm thinking, fail forward!  Repeat, repeat, repeat, improve, improve, improve :) :)

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