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setArray3 on CustomMaterial && Add Varyings


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Got a few questions.  Starting at line 53, am I adding varying vars correctly?  What about the uniform array? What about Attributes like UV?

Also when setting the Uniform Array we have the method setColor3Array but no setVector3Array, so I am not sure if I am doing it correctly.  I even tried setArray3, but still no change.

Effectively I will see the colors move on the sphere in relation to the light[0] direction.  I will have sub-surface scattering if it kills me.

also noticed the uv is not carried over? I dont see it as an active attribute when I console.log(mat.getEffect()); and look at the report.

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I noticed that all setTextures, setColor, setVector, setxxx are never updated. This has been often reported but does not seem to have been corrected since. :(

I'm moving to mixMaterial and it works perfectly well for my needs.

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Sounds like we need to rework the CustomMaterial.  Its everything I want/need,  just need to fix some stuff.

Does the mixMaterial allow custom injections into the shaders?

The varyings can be set through the injections. -solved;
setters are broken on arrays. - not solved;
missing standard attributes. -not solved;

So the setters work on the ShaderMaterial as far as I know.  Is there a way we can have the CustomMaterial inherent the methods from both the StandardMaterial and ShaderMaterial?  I dont know TS well enough... 

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