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Phaser 3 Animation Docs/Tutorials?


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What are you trying to animate a good place to start is with the dude example on the phaser home page. thats good for more basic animations but when you go into more complex like having different bullets animation etc then it gets a bit more complex but take a look here first


then another here


there is one about doom but from what i can tell its incomplete.

use the lessons on code 1 2 & 3 they are really good and also cat smalls tutorial is very good for learning to organise your code. You will see many ways to initalize and run games but i prefer hers.



Goto github and download phaser 3, phaser3-docs and phaser3-examples. i have docs bookmarked in my broswer to get to it quicker and a bash script to open the phaser3-examples but you can easily navigate and use npm install for first time use or npm start.

use the docs for phaser 2 also sometimes its as easy as just finding a replace for the defunct module etc ie game.state is now this.scene etc


To test your animations basics you can use gimp to create sprites. remember the framewidth and height and use those in your code then the frames are 0 - how ever many you have.

i created this tai fighter sprite you could test with


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