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Keep interactive when adding a lot of meshes to the Scene


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Hi folks,

I my App, I need to handle very big Scenes (50 000 meshes or above). I am using an own format. But the loading time is very long. I would like to keep the scene interactive when loading the scene. So that the user can see the scene progressively while he can also manipulate the mouse etc. I am wondering how I can give the App a chance to capture the mouse events from time to time during the loading? Can I, for example, update the frame buffer for every 500 meshes? How can I do it ?


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Hiya BP.  Quick answer...  a forum search for similar subject... found this:  http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/33722-keeping-canvas-responsive/

It doesn't look good.  Possibly with "worker thread", but that's rough water.

There's a system called Incremental Loading.  I don't know much about it.

With many separate (little?) .babylon /model files, you could space them out, somehow.  hmm.  scene.executeWhenReady() could get REALLY confused, though.

JS is single threaded.  If it wasn't, we could load a hidden BIG scene, while the user played-with a simple scene, and when the big scene finished, switch scenes.

Stay tuned for more/better answers.  :)

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