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AudioListener error when mouse is moved outside canvas


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I'm not sure whether this qualifies as a babylon.js bug, but here's my scenario:

  • I'm embedding a babylon.js canvas in a WordPress page
  • there's some audio in the scene, but no positional audio
  • when the mouse is outside the canvas when the canvas loads, and the user moves the mouse, this error is thown, and the canvas crashes:
Uncaught TypeError: Failed to execute 'setPosition' on 'AudioListener': The provided float value is non-finite.
    at i._updateAudioParameters (babylon.custom.js:14)
    at i.render (babylon.custom.js:14)
    at main.js?v=201806111547:595
    at n._renderLoop (babylon.custom.js:6)


You can see it happen here: https://studio.rocketclowns.com/agnes/babylon-test/

Same result in Edge, Chrome and Firefox.


Help :)


Edit: I'm on Windows 10 and babylon.js is version 3.2.0.


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In your code: https://studio.rocketclowns.com/agnes/canvas/rocketLander/main.js?v=201806111547

You're updating the camera position with this code:

            camera.position.x += ((userX * 256) - camera.position.x) * 0.05;
            camera.position.y += ((userY * -128) - camera.position.y) * 0.05;

But scene.pointerX is a undefined at the beginning when the mouse is out the canvas then the camera.position.x & y become NaN and thus the update Audio parameter function fails. 

The solution is either to test for undefined on pointerX and pointerY before computing your position or to register your "mousemove" event on the canvas element rather that on the window object.


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Hello @davrous,

...awesome, thanks for your reply :) 

I changed

window.addEventListener("mousemove", function () {


canvas.addEventListener("mousemove", function () {

and: problem solved!


So: user error and not a babylon.js bug. Maybe this thread can be moved to Q&A?


Thanks again, guys ?



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