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Mousewheel in phaser: proof of concept


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Phoser3 + Mouse Wheel

I may be dumb and this already exists but I took some time this evening to sketch out what it'd take to get mousewheel support in v3. A demo is up that works in updated FF and Chrome. I'll circle back and fix the skeleton to work in IE so I can test there at some point since I forgot it doesn't support modules. ?

I'm happy to work with folks / take merges but won't be doing any more until I have a chance to think about how it fits in with the existing input model and see if @photonstorm would accept it upstream or if they've already got stuff going to implement it and what his concerns would be.

Anyway, felt worth since most of the approach can be pulled out of phaser and applied in isolation.



Edit: OH! if this doesn't work in your browser add a comment and let me know, mouse wheel events are ... pretty reasonable but it felt like there were maybe still some rough edges in how the events were surfaced.

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