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Superpowers + Phaser 3?


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I know there is already an awesome editor for Phaser 2 and 3 (https://phasereditor2d.com) but I came across this collaborative editor:


The idea is to be a collaborative IDE to build games.

It is meant to be engine agnostic although they developed a version working with three.js to offer a full game dev experience. What was amazing is that you could make 2d or 3d HTML5 games with it.

Knowing that Phaser 3 may start to offer 3D rendering, it may start to need a 3D editor soon (3D is quite cumbersome without an editor). Furthermore one fun way to use Phaser is collaboratively (I had a lot of fun with it during GamJams).

Thus, I was thinking parts of Superpowers could be reused/revived to be a Phaser 3 IDE or could just inspire new features in Phaser Editor.

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