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Looking for a way to turn off a button in case of spam


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Hello everyone, 

I was wondering if you could help me figure out a way to turn a button of for say 3 seconds that way if someone tried spamming(very quick repeated clicking) my button it would only hit one time/time them out.

Here is my attempt, I use the boolean as a switch, when the button is hit it check if the switch is on if it is I does the button stuff then it turns the switch to false and then wait 300 ms then turns the switch back on, except in the example the switch doesn't turn back on for some reason and when I try to do this if I click fast enough I sometimes get and extra click or two, any ideas?



So I had a variable in the wrong place in my code and it works now... but it still doesn't work in the playground so not sure why, so I guess solved? I don't know.

Should work in the playground... 

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It works?
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1 minute ago, Pryme8 said:

add a flag that turns 'off' the button and on your callback skip the buttons behavior if the flag is there.  Then set a timeout that resets the flag after a set time so that the callback behavior turns back on.

this is what I have.  at least I think, it doesn't work in the playground but does in my code ?

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