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Correct word/logo texture


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Hello all,

Since experimenting with BJS and using this forum I have learned a tremendous amount in such a short amount of time and Im very thankful of that?! Last night I came up with an idea of keeping things simple since Im new to the whole gaming arena. Still want to learn and create with the likes of Blender and Mixamo but so far BJS has been not only very helpful but extremely effective!

Keeping things simple I took elements that I learned from Sirs @Deltakosh & @Wingnut and created a simple landing page. Taking code from this PG https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#012I9K#3 

I got the movement of the mesh but cant get my wording/logo to be upright even though Ive tried to tweak the z axis..how do I get my wording/logo looking right?

Thank ya?



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Hi M!  You are not providing many details, here.  :) Is your wording/logo... a mesh?  Or is it a GUI textblock?  Or?   I'll assume it is a mesh or many.

Try rotating ALL axes, not just Z.  Make sure you are rotating the PARENT or ROOT (top-most) mesh of the logo.

Be sure to disable any :lookAt() or .billboardMode on the logo mesh.  Those things can cause confusion.

Sometimes, mesh.bakeCurrentTransformIntoVertices() is useful.  Sometimes, do a rotation around an axis, then do a bake, then do more rotations, and maybe more bakes.

Generally speaking, a bake... sets mesh.position to 0 0 0, mesh.scaling to 1 1 1, and mesh.rotation to 0 0 0, yet does NOT move/orient/scale the mesh.  Sometimes handy.

And, as always, if you can re-produce the same problem... using a playground scene... it will be MUCH easier for others to troubleshoot.  Thx.

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Since Im having a hard as hell time trying to get my image upright on the sphere mesh Im using the box mesh from the PG I posted earlier:


Been trying implement code to bring texture to it but when I load on server I get a white screen and errors. @Deltakosh, @Wingnut, or @Pryme8 know which material, UV or Standard material code to use for this mesh?

Thank you?,


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