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Issue loading video with Phaser and Safari


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I'm trying to load/play a video in local server Safari desktop browser v11.0.2, using Phaser.js. The problem is that videos does not even load.

Preloading the video with Phaser loader does not work. I get this error: 

> Phaser.Loader - video[intro]: error loading asset from URL video/intro.mp4

Displaying the video in HTML:

    <video width="320" height="240" controls>
        <source src="video/intro.mp4" type="video/mp4">

Not working either. Can't see any errors but if I look for the video in the `Resources` panel I get following message:

> An error ocurred trying to load the resource.

Trying to directly access the video from URL but no luck. Getting following error:

> Failed to load resource: Plug-in handled load

- File name is right.
- File path is right.
- Video file is not corrupted.
- Different video files throw the same error.
- Chrome and Firefox works fine.

Serving files with Python local server

    python -m SimpleHTTPServer

has the same problem as serving it with PHP

    php -S localhost:8000

If I do upload the files to an nginx public server the problem does not occur. Though I get another error because of playing video without previous user interaction (which is the issue I want to solve in my local).

What can I do?

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