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Modular typescript tutorial

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Up until now I have been creating web apps in a single javaScript fileand I don't use GitHub.

I like how Babylon is organised on GitHub but I have no idea how to get into this work flow.

I have tried to follow tutorials but they don't make much sense to me.

Can any one recommend a tutorial for creating a web app arranged like Babylon?

Thanks in advance.

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I've been learning and working on a challenging project with Babylon.js, Colyseus, Node.js etc. I started with Endel's babylonjs-multiplayer-boilerplate and, because I'm relatively new to many of these tools, I found it a really great learning resource and starting point for projects and experiments. Even if you're not needing the multiplayer client/server stuff it's still informative for setting up a decent skeleton project that automatically compiles Typescript and reloads the app in your browser when files change. For my project I've since extended this to cover code minimisation, copying static assets, PUG template and SCSS compilation and rapid deployment to Zeit Now or Heroku. It took a bit of trial, error and frustration but when it's setup it makes development so much easier and more fun. When this project is done I'll strip it back to the boilerplate code and release it as I think others could benefit and expand on it.

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