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LCDGame.js can someone help with the CSS layout?


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I've been working on my LCDGame.js library some more, and I've added an info pop-up and a highscore list. :)The actual game is rendered in a canvas and the buttons, infobox and highscore list are DIV elements on top of that canvas. The DOM tree is added at run-time when the Game object in the library starts.

I don't know that much about layout and CSS stuff, so my questions are:

  • any tips on scaling the canvas in real-time (so when window resizes)?
  • any tips on scaling the info and highscore DIVs? (without using additional libraries)
  • general improvements
  • any suggestions on making it look prettier are welcome 

See github and specifically the layout_tester.html here

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Hi man!

– You can attach addEventListener with 'resize' event to 'Window' object and handle resizing of your canvas manually when window's size changes.
– You can easily scale any DIV blocks by changing 'width' and 'height' properties of the object. You can also change style of your object by javascript.

Write me in a case if you need examples.

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