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alwaysSelectAsActiveMesh check


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have some question regarding `alwaysSelectAsActiveMesh`.

was experimenting with `alwaysSelectAsActiveMesh` and saw that in `_evaluateActiveMeshes` there is check for active meshes:

if (mesh.alwaysSelectAsActiveMesh || mesh.isVisible && mesh.visibility > 0 && ((mesh.layerMask & this.activeCamera.layerMask) !== 0) && mesh.isInFrustum(this._frustumPlanes)) ...

Any reason why `isVisible` and `visibility ` is not checked before `alwaysSelectAsActiveMesh` ? 

Like this:

if (mesh.isVisible && mesh.visibility > 0 && (mesh.alwaysSelectAsActiveMesh || ((mesh.layerMask & this.activeCamera.layerMask) !== 0 && mesh.isInFrustum(this._frustumPlanes))) ...

It have some specific semantics ? As for me if mesh is not visible it should not be rendered

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@Deltakosh saw that this was merged, tried it,  all looked good but saw issues with visibility change,  for meshes were alwaysSelectAsActiveMesh is true, they dont react to visibility change until some child mesh is added to them. Could it be caused by this change or its related to freezeActiveMeshes from scene ?

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if you freezeActiveMeshes then they are no more evaluated and thus they stay in their current rendering bucket. Which means that if they were flagged with full visibility (opaque) they will stay opaque.

If you want to change visibility or alpha for meshes, you have to unfreeze / freeze :)

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