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Reflection brightness and clearness


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Yo @yanyufish Thanks for moving to forum.

First off, your will NEVER going to match the Unity Scene EXACTLY. They have totally different pipelines. You will NEVER get any type the PRECOMPUTED lighting from Unity, You will NEVER get any of the Forward Rendering features including Specular Highlighting.

With that being said, I put plenty of "SCALING" features on the Scene Controller Lighting Section, Light Scale Component and Standard Materials Panels to help tweak the scene to get it to look the BEST YOU CAN.

Second, Unity illuminosity ... Things are just a bit different BabylonJS... What a value of 1 for intensity is NOT produce quite the same light. So you have to scale various properties to get the effect you want.

Finally, The BabylonJS Physical Based Renderer is a bit different from the unity (or they extract away that level from us). I have know what of telling what EXACT values represent the various LIGHTING MODES you may have unity in (Skybox, Reflections, HDR, etc) that contribute to the final lighting.

To SCALE an TWEAK thing like the brightness and clarity your talking about PBR then... That stuff is controlled with properties like:




environmentIntensity ---> Try cranking this up to like 2.0 or 2.5 to brighting the reflection

ANY Standard Shader Material in the tool have Babylon Rendering Options you can set:




Any material NOT using the stadard material (so no Babylon Render Options available) it will use the Default Shader Options from the the scene controller (so make sure you have a scene controller game object in your scene)




Plus the Light Scale Component you can attach to lights to scale the light value for the resulted babylon scene (and NOT scale the unity light more that it already is)




Hope that helps you TWEAK OUT your scene a bit :)





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