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How to leave a trace behind a moving mesh?


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Hi Hit2501,

Well 3 solutions come to my mind:

  1. Yes you can use sprites. I would recommend to reduce the sprite locations to have a minimum distance (so they don't overlap, which isn't fancy). See the Street Hoops 3D demo on babylonjs.com when you aim the basket ball you see a trail of dots for an example. Hint: Put the Vector3 points into a Path3D to get more useful properties about the trajectory for free.
  2. You can also use the Line mesh to draw a line through the points. See https://doc.babylonjs.com/how_to/parametric_shapes#lines If you have multiple trajectories you can use the LineSystem (and give each ball line a different color etc.).
  3. Finally you can use a Ribbon or mesh extrusion along a Path3D if you want the line to have some sort 'shape' in 3D. E.g. for a ball which is a sphere your line shape will be an extruded Circle to create a (bended) tube. Demo's http://jerome.bousquie.fr/BJS/demos/rollercoaster.html see the track that is constructed along the line path. Also see the docs on extruding a shape along a path.

Maybe there are more ways, but these 3 will probably help you get started.

I use option #2 (for debug) an #3 for my Model Train Simulator game to construct the rail track path.



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