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[SOLVED] Get button dimensions including children?


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Hey there --

For UI menus in my game, I have created a texture-less button that has a fake 9-patch image (really Phaser Group prototype extension) as a background and a Phaser Text object as its children. This creates buttons where the 9-patch background can be animated to change the button size without changing its scale. I have added instances those buttons as a Phaser Group that aligns them in a vertical column, using the buttons' heights for spacing.

The issue is, the children of the button don't affect the button's width/height or bounds, so the grid aligns them by the default texture dimensions: 32x32.

This minimal codepen roughly illustrates what I'm seeing/trying to do: https://codepen.io/giniwren/pen/xzvqMr

I found some old threads that suggest this is expected behavior, and I understand why, but the workarounds discussed are disruptive (e.g., using a group instead of a button means changing how all the events are attached to the button throughout the entire project).

Has there been a clean solution since then? Ideally in a way that lets me check dimensions the same way as the any other children added to the alignment group?

Thanks for any help on this one!

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