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Animation Without object?


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Hey again everyone,

I was wondering if there was a way to make an animation without an object, that way I could access its keys with approximation.  I want to write a function in typescript that has many keys and each key is incremented by one, so key 1, key 2 are on frame 1 and frame 2, but I want to be able to have it approximate when I input a float value, which I know animation will approximate between 2 given frames.

also im not sure if you can have animations approximate between 2 frames like frame1,frame 2, but I'm hoping I can;

Any ideas?


Here is a playground I made to help illustrate what I want/ my problem.  Not really sure how to go about this, except for making a ghost object as an anchor for the animation, but I really don't think thats a good idea since I need many of these 2-400 key animations.


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For anyone trying to do a bulk data set to keys pushing here are some helpful things I discovered:

past in your data, I had some 400 values with nothing else, at least they were line separated.

use cmd f

use $0 and regex(regular expression) to fill in the rest :D 

$0 takes from the top box, so if in the top box you were looking for 0 it would put 0 where $0 is, if you had lego in the top box $0 would put lego.

the regex expression, I think it can use all of them I haven't tested, it can however us 0.* which will give you anything that starts with 0.  , so 0.234 counts,  0.5678654 counts,  0.sdfskldfksjh counts.  

You can also add in parameter for the * (the star means any amount of any character), so by adding in. [0-9] it will only accept 0.234 0.568654, but not 0.sdfskldfksjh, since it has letters in it and no number.  

this also works with [a-z] and [a-Z] for letters and letter upper and lower case.

To do this though you must have the [.*] box selected in the cmd f box. 

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