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Rookie Question About Model Display


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Apologies for the rookie question but I am new to 3D graphics and to BabylonJS.

I have successfully created a model from custom meshes through the Babylon APIs. The model displays but parts of it disappear and reappear depending on the relative position of the model and the camera.

Here's a sample: https://geekart3.azurewebsites.net/babylon.html  If you watch the model rotate you see pieces appearing and disappearing. You can also move the camera position and see the same issue. The meshes in the model do not change, they are only generated on load.

I am digging in to see if I can solve it but any pointers as to what may be wrong would be welcome.


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Welcome to the forum! We all ask rookie questions from time to time. And we're glad you're asking, as we love new devs.? Just adjust your clipping planes for your camera(s) by using:

camera.minZ = 'babylon world unit numerical value';


camera.maxZ = 'babylon world unit numerical value';.


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