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I've just started a new project with 1.2, so I use game.stage.backgroundColor at first. It still is on the 1.2 documentation so I assumed it should work as expected.


But it seems it doesn't work anymore on 1.2 as it worked on 1.1.5.


I've checked backgroundColor in the 1.2 source code and the 1.1.5 source code it seems to be used the same way :

/*** @name Phaser.Stage#backgroundColor* @property {number|string} backgroundColor - Gets and sets the background color of the stage. The color can be given as a number: 0xff0000 or a hex string: '#ff0000'*/

I've put a test online so you can see by yourself, : http://jeandaviddaviet.fr/bgColor/

this is the minimal required to work, and is the same code for the two files (just the phaser source change).


Sorry if I missed something, I tried to search the max I could, but didnt' find anything. Maybe it's a stupid error from my part


PS : The code lines number doesn't accept 5 digits number.

the line is 24280 for 1.2

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Hi Rich,


yeah, I've tried this solution before. So I checked again, redownloaded my phaser version, but I still have a black background.


If it's working for people it must be me who has something wrong. I'll try to see.


Thx anyway.

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