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Casting Rays on transformed Objects


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So when I bake out the my objects transforms in this scene:
and try to do my raycast protection, none of the rays hit... which I find odd.
here if I do not bake out the mesh that I am casting from some of the points hit, but they are not being cast from the correct positions, so I am confused.
its been a long day so maybe I am just missing something simple.

trying to make it so I can move my plane or mesh that I am projecting the UV to like i did here:

Here is what happens when I bake the transforms prior to my sectionMesh function.

I am wondering if its the sectionMesh function that is giving me trouble.

Nope its not:  https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#NAG06Y#30
Something is not getting baked it seems.

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So I am thinking its not my ray casting that is messing this up, and is actually the sectionMesh method I am using.

Is there a way to split up a mesh out into a new mesh from a range of points?  In this example I am trying to grab out points 0-25 but it seems like even after I do that more buffer data then I anticipated is still present on the mesh.

So Im thinking my UV projection is not working because my bufferData is wrong.

Any input would be cool.



Never-mind I think i figured it out... after looking at it again this morning.  (dumb loop count error)

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Ok now this gives me a headache...


if you look at the console, all my rays are being cast for no reason as I stripped out all the vertices data from the buffer that I am looping through

console.log(positions.length, "positions length");
for(var i=(skipTo*3); i<(positions.length-trim); i+=3){

There is no reason 26 rays get cast.
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Well then riddle me this:

Why does this not simply "cut" out the section of the mesh that I want.

Also whats up with the errors coming when you click on the scene, I have no mouse listeners bound but default stuff.

Made a PR to get the Lathe object doing what I need:

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