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How to pick a Mesh which acts as container of other meshes?


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Hi there,

learning Babylon.js since 2 days :)  I've created a "container" mesh (with no geometry), and then added to it 2 children meshes, a box and a sphere.

I would like to pick the container mesh on mouseClick event, but actually either box or sphere get selected. Is there a way to ignore submeshes?

I know there would be many workarounds, like for example creating the container as a box with a transparent material, but I was just wondering if there was a flag/parameter a can set when doing raycasting.

Here you can find the PG: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#BD4L6U

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1 hour ago, leota said:

So just to make sure, there's no way to tell the Raycast to ignore submeshes, right?

You can put in any logic you wanted in a predicate for scene.pick/raycast - here I am ignoring clicks on any meshes named 'sphere' :
In that PG I check the mesh.name, but you can ignore anything based on child/parent hierarchy or submeshes.

note:  Thanks for making a playground as they really help answering questions.  it's a bit nitpicky for me to say - as you probably quickly did it for a PG, but adding click handlers to 'window' has some issues when you rerun playgrounds (ie: hit run a couple of times) then they're a bit harder to edit from the errors as handlers keep being added and activeScene isnt' available after re-run :) Anyway, I've attached to pointerDown on Scene as one other example.  cheers!

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