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Hopping because of vertical moving platform


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I am trying to build a platformer and when my player is standing on a vertically moving platform it hops at the peak right when it changes direction.

In the real world it makes sense but unwanted in game...

Does anyone have any suggestions how to fix the issue?


Some context:

I am using arcade physics.

I am moving my platform using velocity as I understand it I need to do it that way so the player sticks for horizontal movement.




Do you guys need to see my code for this? if so which part?

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It's not straightforward using the physics mechanics. You could set the sprite body's bounce.y = -1 or gravity.y = a large positive number when it contacts the platform, then change it back to release the sprite.

The other way is to set body.moves = false while the sprite is on the platform and position it manually.

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For those who have a similar problem, here's what I ended up doing seems to work well enough. Don't know how fail safe or efficient it is though.

//in the scene
this.physics.add.collider(player, platforms, ride);

//collision callback with platforms
function ride(object1, object2){
        //check for if you actually step on the platform not just collide

//in player object
	this.riding = true;
	this.rideObject = rideObject;

//in update after movement
   this.y = this.rideObject.y -  (this.height/2 + this.rideObject.height/2);
   if(this.key_W.isDown || this.x < this.rideObject.x - this.rideObject.width/2 || this.x >    this.rideObject.x + this.rideObject.width/2 ){
      //jump // fall off
      this.riding = false;


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